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Monday, December 15, 2014

An Afternoon of Wheels

'Twas the weeks leading up to Christmas,
Santa was finishing off the naughty and nice list.
Rudolph was bored and wanted to help.
Instead he stood on an elf. Oh what a yelp!
Even wrapping the presents was a huge disaster,
He couldn't find the tape and instead used sticking plaster.
The elves sent him out,
Even the jolly old fellow started to pout.
"Oh, I am so bored!" he cried out despondent.
"I just tried to help." And off he wandered.
Across the court and over the mountains,
Through the meadows and under the fountains,
He wandered for what seemed like an age.
Every step that he took put him more in a rage.
Eventually his legs just came to a halt.
He had realised all the chaos really was his fault.
He turned to go home, but didn't know how
He had come to be in this place he was standing in now.
"Where could I be?" he wondered out loud.
"Lost in Canada!" the mighty moose growled.
And that, my friends, is the story of how poor Rudolph came to be lost in Canada. 

In Koru Hub over the past few weeks we have been trying to help Rudolph find his way back to the North Pole. As we have been following our hub routines and treating others well Rudolph has been slowly making his way back to the North Pole and now he is almost there. To celebrate his return to the North Pole Koru Hub will be having a Wheels Afternoon. Students are invited to bring any non-motorised wheel machine - bikes, scooters, skateboards, roller skates, etc. 

The afternoon will consist of wheeling around and admiring each other's wheel machines. We'll set up a course for students to wheel around and we'll also have a wheel beauty salon where students can dress their wheel machines up.

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