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Monday, December 15, 2014

An Afternoon of Wheels

'Twas the weeks leading up to Christmas,
Santa was finishing off the naughty and nice list.
Rudolph was bored and wanted to help.
Instead he stood on an elf. Oh what a yelp!
Even wrapping the presents was a huge disaster,
He couldn't find the tape and instead used sticking plaster.
The elves sent him out,
Even the jolly old fellow started to pout.
"Oh, I am so bored!" he cried out despondent.
"I just tried to help." And off he wandered.
Across the court and over the mountains,
Through the meadows and under the fountains,
He wandered for what seemed like an age.
Every step that he took put him more in a rage.
Eventually his legs just came to a halt.
He had realised all the chaos really was his fault.
He turned to go home, but didn't know how
He had come to be in this place he was standing in now.
"Where could I be?" he wondered out loud.
"Lost in Canada!" the mighty moose growled.
And that, my friends, is the story of how poor Rudolph came to be lost in Canada. 

In Koru Hub over the past few weeks we have been trying to help Rudolph find his way back to the North Pole. As we have been following our hub routines and treating others well Rudolph has been slowly making his way back to the North Pole and now he is almost there. To celebrate his return to the North Pole Koru Hub will be having a Wheels Afternoon. Students are invited to bring any non-motorised wheel machine - bikes, scooters, skateboards, roller skates, etc. 

The afternoon will consist of wheeling around and admiring each other's wheel machines. We'll set up a course for students to wheel around and we'll also have a wheel beauty salon where students can dress their wheel machines up.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Koru Camp 2014

Check out some of our camp photos at the wonderful Wellesley Country Park.

On Thursday we saw heaps of interesting animals at Staglands, enjoyed exploring our camp site, played cricket, AFL and roasted marshmallows. Friday begun with drizzle that got a little heavier throughout the morning. A change in plans had us going on a 'Forbidden Walk' across the 'Forbidden Bridge' and completing a camp alphabet hunt. After tidying up, packing bags and eating lunch we ended with a movie.

Thanks to all the parents who assisted us and well done to all the children for great participation.

Have a great Christmas and holiday break everyone.

From the Koru Hub Team

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Amazing Writing

Check out these amazing pieces of writing by two of our Year 2 students.

Matthew Upton

Dave was having a lovely  walk in the forest singing “Doo dooo I am having a good life laa laaa. I like the flowers that are growing laa! It is a good November 1o95. This forest is the best. It was a good idea to have a walk in it. Maybe I should do it next year.Dave walked and walked and walked and walked. He was a happy boy that Dave but Dave started to miss his family because he hadn't seen them for days. He was worried about his family. He was sad about his family.

Unfortunately a humongous hungry loin ran to Dave. Fortunately Dave climbed up the tallest tree in the forest. He he ha ha! said Dave. The loin was trying to climb the tree but he could not climb the tree. Roar! said the lion and with a flash the loin went away. Yay! said Dave. In your face lion!

Unfortunately a giant blue strong snake was the tree! Dave didn't notice that. The snake opened his eyes and hissed and hissed. Dave jumped off the tree, aka the snake. When Dave got off the snake he looked behind and said “Oh my!” Fortunately Dave found a sword that was glowing. He picked up the sword. The snake was so scared of the sword that he slithered away.

Unfortunately a giant came holding a spiky weapon in his hand. He had big smelly hairy feet. Yuck! Yuck! Yuck! He had big black spiky hair. “Oh my” said Dave. Fortunately the giant was nice. “Oh what a relief” said Dave.

Ellen-Rose Calvert

My Mum
My mum is called Nicole. She has curly red hair and light skin. My mum likes her husband James and 2 girls Ellen-Rose and Emmaline. She mostly wears a top and jeans or clothes that suit the weather. My mum also wears dark clothes. I love my mum so much! She is like my guard. She is very polite and kind. She is very nice and to describe her I would say she gives me hugs and kisses. She works so hard and when I say hard I mean hard! My mum never ever lies. I think me and my sister have the best mum in the world!

St Kilda Saints

Thanks to the AFL (Aussie Rules) team from Australia, St Kilda Saints, for sharing your experience and coaching us today. We all had a lot of fun. 

Tune in Wednesday at 4pm to channel 69 on SKY or channel 14 on Freeview to watch a re-play of one of their games.  

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The World's Highest Tower

On Monday and Tuesday, students had a great time completing a technology challenge - build the tallest tower that stands by itself and holds a pingpong ball. Students were only allowed 1 long straw, 30 normal straws, 15 pipe cleaners, 15 paper clips and 50cm of masking tape.

There was plenty of trial and error as they discovered how to construct a freestanding tower. Students also had to learn to work as a team.

Some groups began by cutting all their straws into smaller pieces. They soon realized that this was not the right idea. Others tried to put all the straws on top of each other. They also realized that this was not the best design. Most groups discovered that they needed to build a base first.
After all the trial and error, designing and re-designing, successes and frustrations, it was time for judging. Of all the teams, only one team's tower stood by itself successfully. Congratulations to Lorenzo, Levi, Tom, Alphon and Leonard.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Lopa's Diwali Dance

On Sunday the 19th of October there were lots of people in Wellington for Diwali celebrations. I did an Indian classical dance praying to the god Ganesh. There were 4 people in the dance group performing on the stage to a big audience. Here is a video of the dance. I hope you enjoy it.


Term 4 Update and Koru Camp 2014

Nǐ hǎo  

Welcome back to Koru Hub for Term 4.  It's great to see everyone again after the break and to see children settle back into routines quickly.  A big welcome to our new children who have started this term.  George, Tomas, Lucas and Ben have started school and Varsha is starting next week.  We have one more child this term - Tisha is starting in November.  This will bring us to 70 children in the hub. We have quite a few siblings in the hub now and it is lovely to see how the older children are helping the younger ones.

This email includes reminders for the term, learning programmes, events and our very exciting Koru Hub camp in December.  There is a link to a camp google form in this email.  Please complete it by next Friday so we can collect names and numbers of parents and children attending the camp.

Hub Reminders:
  • Children need sunhats for outside during Term 4.  A school hat is required and can be purchased at the office.  
  • As children arrive at school reading bags need to be placed in their reading teacher's grey tray.
  • Shoes live on the shoe racks or lined up nicely at the door and out of the door way. 
  • At the end of the day please be considerate of the organisation that is happening. We will endeavor to have children packed and ready to go by 3pm. 
  • Throughout the day we encourage children to be self managing and one of the ways they can do this is by signing themselves in, hanging up their bag and packing their bags at the end of the day.  It is helpful to us to let the children do this themselves, as it makes it easier for us to check once they are on the mat ready to go home. 
  •  We appreciate it when families and pre-schoolers wait quietly and leave space for us to move around.  Pre-schoolers are welcome to play in the developmental area and we appreciate it when you tidy up afterwards. 
  • We recognise your kindness and generosity when you provide lollies for the hub on your child's birthday. However, there is no need to do this and is not compulsory.  If you choose to do so then please be aware it takes a long time to hand things out and we also have children with specific dietary requirements who are unable to eat lollies.   

Learning Programmes:
Our inquiry this term is based on design thinking, how things work, invention, innovation and creativity.  Thank you to those who have given us things the children can take apart.  Anymore items are welcome.  Children's writing will be based on descriptions and how things work.  The maths focus is on fractions which will lead into multiplication and division.  The focus for physical education is AFL, tennis and cricket. 
The learning programmes are also focusing on individual children achieving the indicators on their Reading, Writing and Maths matrix that are not yet highlighted.   Workshops and personalised timetables have been set up to support students to learn and consolidate these indicators from their matrices. 

Monday 27th October               Labour Day - school is closed
Monday 3 November                New Entrant Parent Session   9:30am
Friday 14 November                 Lorenzo's beach clean up trip
Wednesday 5 November          Community Evening  
Thursday 20 & Friday 21 Nov   Book Fair
Friday 21 November                School Production - Aladdin
Thursday 11 & Friday 12 Dec   Koru Camp
Tuesday 16 December             National Standard reports sent home
Wednesday 17 December        Prize giving
Wednesday 17 December        Last Day of School

Monday 2 February  2015        First day of Term 1, 2015

Koru Camp:
Date:           Thursday 11 December - Friday 12 December
Where:        Wellesley Park in Akatarawa Valley (2km from Staglands)
Cost:          $70 per child and $60 per adult
Who:           All koru hub children, parents are welcome, pre-schoolers are unable to attend

Thursday 11th Timetable:  
10am         Depart School  on the bus
11am         Staglands - tour and picnic lunch
2:45pm      Depart on bus to camp venue
3pm           Unload bus, set up cabins, afternoon tea
4pm           Camp activities
5:30           BBQ dinner
6pm           Evening activities

Friday 12th Timetable:
7am          Get up
7:30          Breakfast, teeth, tidy cabins
8:30          Camp activities
10am        Morning Tea
10:30        Camp activities
12noon     Lunch
12:30       Tidy up, pack up
1pm         Load bus
1:30         Depart camp
2:30         Arrive School

If you would prefer your child not to stay overnight that is fine.  You are more than welcome to come during the days.  You could pick them up in the evening and bring them back in the morning.  All Koru Hub teachers will be on camp therefore there is no alternative programme for any children who do not attend.
We welcome parents to come with us.  We have a number of spare bunks in the cabins, however the space is not unlimited.  There may not be room for every single parent, it will depend on how many children come on camp.  In saying that there are many available beds.  Parents who come with us will need to take a vehicle due to no spare space on the bus. There will be camp roles for all parents who come on camp.  The main one being responsible for a small group of children at Staglands. Parents will be sleeping in cabins with children and will have some responsibility with those in their cabin overnight.

Please complete this google form and indicate your permission for your child to attend camp.  On this form you can also indicate if you would like to attend as a parent help as well. Can we please have this returned by next Friday 31 October. Camp Google Form.  

Thank you for your support over the year and we look forward to another productive term with our hub students and families. 

Kind regards,

Demelza, Mike, Erica and Angela

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Living with Curiosity/Living Creatively

This week we have been trying to emulate Leonardo da Vinci. He was fascinated by how objects worked. He studied machines inside and out. He noticed and wondered, observed and experimented and then used what he had learned to make his own designs or to improve current designs.

Students have been enjoying the chance to interact playfully with world through looking, touching, making, noticing and wondering. They have come up with some great noticings and wonderings, which you can check out on one of the walls in the hub.

"I'm noticing it moves when you press the button." - Lopa
"When one thing moves all the other stuff moves." - not named
"I notice that clocks work with lots of cogs." - Emma

"I wonder how a spring works." - Kaitlin
"Why are there so many wires in a machine?" - not named
"How does a pulley work?" - Ellen-Rose